FANUC Power Motion i – MODEL A Data output to PMC Specifications


FANUC Power Motion i – MODEL A
Data output to PMC


1.1 Data output to PMC

Following data can be output to the PMC internal relay (R area).
・Pressure feedback value
・Actual machine position
・Semi-full error (The difference in feedback between the built-in pulsecoder and separate detector)

1 Use this function when execution period of PMC ladder level 1 is set to 1ms/2ms and the pressure feedback value, actual machine position, or semi-full error should be read by PMC ladder.
2 To output the data, the option of multi-axis high response function is required.
3 To output the pressure feedback value, the option of pressure and position control function is also required.


Example of setting
Example 1)
Following data is output to R1000 of PMC internal relay.
・ Pressure feedback value of X-axis and Z-axis
・ Actual machine position of Y-axis and Z-axis
・ Semi-full error of X-axis and Y-axis


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