USB memory control in Macro executor


USB memory control in Macro executor


FANUC Series 30i/ 31i/ 32i-MODEL B  FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F


USB memory control can be executed using the same commands that are used for the reader/puncher interface and Memory card control. USB memory control is enabled when bit 7 (EXT1) of compile parameter No. 9002 is set to 1.

G330 : USB memory open
G331 : USB memory close
G335 : 1-byte reading
G336 : Data writing
G337 : Macro variable input
G338 : Macro variable output
G339 : File information reading/file deletion

Completion codes are also used, as with the reader/puncher interface and Memory card control.
See following section “Completion codes” for details of completion codes.

This function is available in the following models.
– FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B
– FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F

6.9.2 Functions

USB memory open G330
– Format
G330 Pp Ll ;
= 18
USB memory read control (Specify a file name.)
= 28
USB memory write control (Specify a file name.)
= 38
File control based on USB memory
Specify the start variable number of the variable string storing the file name.
In read mode, a search for the beginning of the file is made based on this file name.
In write mode, a new file is created using this file name.
– Explanation
By setting the lower one digit specified for P to “8”, the USB memory is opened and made usable according to the control method and control conditions.

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