Fanuc Ladder Software FAPT III

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Fanuc Ladder Software FAPT III

Fanuc PMC software is developed by FANUC CORPORATION, JAPAN. FANUC is a worldwide leader in CNC controllers and robotics. This software is used to create sequence programs for FANUC PMCs. Here PMC stands for Programmable Machine Controller.

PMC is inside the CNC, it will control the sequence for different operations of CNC machine like turret rotation, servo axes movement, spindle motor forward/reverse and any operations required for CNC machines.

The sequence is performed step by step as required by the CNC machine, so it is written in a ladder logic format. Ladder language programming is a widely used PMC programming language. It uses I/O signal addresses to execute the sequence program.

FANUC FAPT PMC SOFTWARE is developed for Microsoft Windows Systems. The software can be used on a single computer, if you want to use it on multiple computers, you need to purchase a license from FANUC.

Key functions:

As FANUC software is windows based software, hence it is user friendly for creating sequence programs. Sequence programs are also called ladder logic programs. The main key functions of software are as below:

  1. The software will upload ladder program from the computer to CNC and download the ladder program from CNC to the computer via RS 232 or Ethernet.
  2. A new ladder program can be created through this software and modify or change the existing ladder program.
  3. You can read and study the FANUC ladder file in this software.
  4. The software will convert the memory card format (Compact Flash card) ladder program into a FANUC FAPT ladder III readable format. This function is called the importing ladder program.
  5. The software will be used to export from FANUC FAPT ladder III readable format ladder file into memory card format file.
  6. This software is used to simulate PLC program with a CNC machine, which means we can monitor PLC signal status in software online, debug the PLC program.
  7. Print the ladder of a particular machine for documentation.

The Graphical User Interface of FANUC FAPT LADDER III as shown in picture

Graphical User Interface

This interface consists of following sections:

  1. Main menu
  2. Toolbar
  3. Edit Window
  4. Program list
  5. Soft keys
  6. Status bar


Menu bar: It consists of menus like File, Edit, View, Diagnose, Ladder, Tool, Window and Help

Toolbar: It contains important tools such as program RUN/STOP, Online/Offline Line change, Ladder monitor, online editor, and signal trigger

Edit window: It contains ladder logic creation tools like NO, NC, output coil, output coil not, set, reset, horizontal line, vertical lines, and functional instructions such as a timer, counter, move instructions, and other instructions.

Program list: It consists of the following items:

  • Title
  • System parameter
  • System comment
  • I/O module
  • Message
  • Ladder
Program List

Soft keys: These keys are used to search contacts in the ladder logic program. Useful keys are Down search, Down coil search, and also these soft keys contain ladder logic creation tools NO, output coil, set, insert left vertical link, a horizontal line, and function instructional list.

Soft keys available above status bar

Status bar: It shows the online connection status between CNC and PC, PMC model, and ladder logic file name.

Status Bar 

FANUC LADDER-III software V8.9



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