FANUC SP9031 alarm

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Today, a friend in the QQ CNC group encountered an alarm when the spindle was rotating above 3000 revolutions. The alarm is normal below 3000 revolutions. The alarm picture is as follows:


One of them is the SP9031 alarm when the alarm occurs, and the other is the PMC alarm triggered by the spindle alarm, so the SP9031 alarm needs to be resolved. Then let’s look at the detailed description of the SP9031 alarm:

Alarm reason: The motor cannot rotate at the command speed, but stops or rotates at a very low speed.

(1) When an alarm occurs when rotating at a very low speed

(A) The parameter setting is wrong.

Please refer to FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOT parameter manual (B-65280CM) to confirm the parameters set by the sensor.

(B) The motor phase sequence is wrong. Please confirm whether the motor phase sequence is wrong.

(C) The feedback cable of the motor is wrong. Please confirm whether the A/B phase signal is connected reversely.

(D) The feedback cable of the motor is faulty. Rotate the motor by hand to confirm the motor speed on the NC diagnostic interface or whether the speed is displayed on the spindle check board. If the speed is not displayed, please replace the cable or spindle sensor (or motor).

(2) When an alarm occurs when it does not rotate at all.

(A) The order of locking the spindle is wrong. Check whether the sequence has locked the spindle.

(B) Power line failure. Please confirm that the motor power line is connected correctly.

(C) SVPM failure. Please replace SVPM

Since the spindle can run normally below 3000 rpm, it means that the motor encoder and power cable are normal. After inquiring, the machine tool was changed with high and low gears, using a contactor, so the alarm can tell that the problem is likely to occur Above the shifting contactor.

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