FANUC 0iMD alarm DS1449

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FANUC 0iMD alarm DS1449
Trouble phenomenon:
When the machine tool returns to zero, the DS1449 alarm “parameter setting reference point interval is inconsistent” appears irregularly.
Machine configuration:
FANUC 0i MD; Fagor Fagor scale GOX scale.
Reason analysis and troubleshooting suggestions:
1. The related parameter setting is wrong. Check whether the parameters 1821, 1882 and related parameter settings are consistent with the technical indicators of the grating ruler.
2. The grating ruler signal is unstable,
3. The grating ruler is disturbed.
Actual processing process:
1. Modify the parameters to semi-closed loop, and avoid the grating ruler. (For semi-closed loop and full closed loop switching methods, please go to the website to search for related documents)
2. There is no abnormality in the detection of the grating ruler signal.
3. Check that there is no abnormality in the installation of the grating ruler.
4. Re-validate the full closed loop, check the parameter settings, 1821, 1882, position pulse number and reference counter capacity. The parameters are correct and do not need to be modified.
5. Replace the reading head with a new one and reinstall it, the fault is still there.
6. Replace the cable, the fault remains.
7. Modify the zero speed parameter 1425 from 500mm/min to 300mm/min. The machine is normal.

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