Procedure to load FANUC PMC Ladder backup from Memory card to CNC (machine)

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1. Switch ON machine and press emergency button, keep machine in emergency mode.
2. Go to OFFSET page and make I/O CHANNEL = 4 for memory card and 17 for pen drive (USB).

3. Press SYSTEM key on MDI panel.

4. Select PMCMNT soft key.
5. Press right most continues key.

6. Select I/O soft key.

7. To take PMC ladder backup from CNC to memory card do following selections:

88. Press (OPRT) soft key to display list ladder backup files available on memory card as shown below. Move don/up cursor to select required PMC backup file from list.

9. Press EXEC soft key to output sequence program

10. Now at this point PMC ladder back up is loaded to CNC (machine).

Saving Sequence Program to Flash ROM
After you load sequence program to CNC (machine), you have to save sequence program to Flash ROM of CNC. If you didn’t do this, your sequence program will not load to CNC (machine).

1. Do following selection.

2. Press the [EXEC] soft key to save sequence programs.



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