Procedure to take FANUC PMC Ladder backup from CNC (machine) to Memory card

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1. Switch ON machine and press emergency button, keep machine in emergency mode.
2. Go to OFFSET page and make I/O CHANNEL = 4 for memory card and 17 for pen drive (USB).

3. Press SYSTEM key on MDI panel.

4. Select PMCMNT soft key.
5. Press right most continues key.

6. Select I/O soft key.

7. To take PMC ladder backup from CNC to memory card do following selections:

8. Move the query selection cursor to FILE NAME and press NAME soft key to set a new file name.

9. Press EXEC soft key to output sequence program

10. If the specified file name already exists on a memory card, the following message will be displayed.
 If you want to overwrite the file, press the [YES] soft key. And,
 If you want to cancel the output, press the [NO] key.
Now PMC ladder backup is transferring from CNC to memory card, process as shown:



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