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The operating environment of Fanuc Picture software does not require a PC, but runs on an ordinary CNC (16i/18i/21i/0i/30i/31i/32i) system. However, the development environment is on a general PC. That is, Fanuc Picture is installed on a PC running on a Windows system to develop the required HMI screen. After compilation, the executable file is transferred to the CNC’s Flash ROM for storage, and then runs on the CNC. After the CNC is turned on, the screen developed by the user will be displayed. The display used by CNC is an ordinary LCD (10.4” or 15”) without PC function. Available with touch screen or non-touch screen, as shown in the figure below.

In general, the interface development based on Fanuc Picture is more intuitive and convenient than the traditional NC display. In the secondary development man-machine interface, you can set some common parameter modification, alarm information prompts, etc., which is more convenient for maintenance of machine failures. With the development of personalized CNC machine tools, FP man-machine interface will be widely used in FANUC system.

FANUC PICTURE has the following features:
• This software allows you to use a personal computer for designing CNC screens with a touch panel.
CNC screens are displayed on the personal computer as if they were displayed on the CNC, so you
can check and modify screen layouts easily.
• This software provides many controls such as touch switches.
• This software allows you to define detailed operations of touch switches, lamps, and so forth.
• You do not need to know programming languages such as C to create programs.
• Screen data is loaded into the CNC via a memory card. You can easily create MEM data files that
are to be written in the memory card.

Everyone can develop the interface on the FANUC system through the picture software, and create the interface they need to

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