FANUC SERVO GUIDE software introduction

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FANUC SERVO GUIDE is a Windows® application that allows a quick and easy optimization of servos and spindles axes.
This software provides the integrated environment to test programs, set parameters and data measurement, needed for
servo and spindle tuning.
Direct connection is possible between the Personal Computer and CNC through Ethernet.

Key functions
• Easy connection to the CNC
• Integrated working environment for tuning machine servo and spindles
• Integrated and optimized environment for creating, tuning and optimizing programs, measuring data and changing
• Measurement of servo and spindle data as well as external triggering events from the PMCat once
• many automatic adjustment functions
3-D View function
With this function, it is possible to view the result X, Y and Z coordinate data of the 3-D graph captured by SERVO GUIDE. 3-
D graph and time-based waveform are displayed in the same window, and a point on 3-D graph easily corresponds to the
point on time axis.
For example, it is possible to display tool path of machining center by capturing position data of X, Y and Z axis. By
selecting points on the tool path, you can check waveforms of each servo axis, which corresponds to the selected area. 5-
axis machining is also supported. Position of 5 axes are converted to tool center point, and 3-D path of tool is visualized. In
addition, axis configuration including Cs axis(spindle axis) is also supported.

Effective and easy-to-use PC tool for:
• Setup support for servo and spindle functions
• Optimization of servo and spindle control
• Display of path error for troubleshooting machining quality issues
• Finding potential to reduce machining cycle time
• Troubleshooting of servo and spindle related alarms



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