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NC Guide Pro is just like using your Fanuc control but on your PC. The key to unlocking the full potential of your operators, programmers and maintenance engineers lies in your ability to train them to use the many productivity tools incorporated into the equipment that you have purchased. Using an actual CNC or a machine tool to deliver the hands on experience that is vital to acquiring and demonstrating competence is often too expensive in investment and lost production costs. NC Guide Pro can simulate a wide range of CNC configurations, including lathes, machining centres and compound machining applications. Multiple display, MDI keyboard and option configurations can be selected and saved to match each of the CNCs being used in an organization. NC Guide Pro provides a very realistic simulated CNC environment that can be used for operational and maintenance training, part program and custom macro training, creation and testing, and custom software development, debug and testing. Simulation tools provide a safe environment where mistakes can be made and corrected without risk to the user or the machine tool. Practically everything that you can do on a CNC and machine tool can be achieved with these simulators, except for actual metal removal. NC Guide Pro provides an operation and part programming environment that includes the standard CNC editors and graphics simulations as well as the easy to-use Manual Guide i interface. NC Guide Pro adds the PMC ladder capability for a complete maintenance simulation and an advanced software development environment. When combined with other GE Fanuc software development tools, NC GuidePro provides a rich, PC-based development environment.  NC Guide Pro simulators are available at a fraction of the cost of an actual CNC or machine tool.

NC Guide Pro supports the following FANUC Controls

•  Series 0i MODEL D
•  Series 30i-MODEL B
•  Series 31i-MODEL A/B
•  Series 31iL-MODEL B
•  Series 31iP-MODEL B
•  Series 35i-MODEL B

• NCGuide FS0i-F

• NCGuide FS0i-F plus

• NCGuide FS0i-F Plus iHMI

• NCGuide FS30i-B iHMI

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